Welcome to the world of Lostflavour!

The fifth generation of the Rocha family combined their experience and love for wines and spirits and decided to explore the fascinating world of spirits.

We don’t want to stop and live only with tradition and longing, that’s why we start from lost flavors and are here to explore and build unique brandies.


If it weren’t for us, who would it be?

We believe that “we can do it”, we dream, we create, we challenge the status quo and we combine our passion, excellence and family qualities to explore, discover, make and share our brandies, leaving our mark.


The Family is behind every brand, every success.

At Lostflavour we believe that each achievement comes from the work of our team. We believe that the roots of family tradition, combined with our passion and challenged by innovation, lead to excellence.


We are committed to excellence, without limits.

Lostflavour promotes a culture of excellence, pioneering and improving ancestral techniques, based on a family tradition and culture.

We combine our passion, excellence, family knowledge and individual qualities to share unique Portuguese brandies.


From Portugal to the world

Embracing the spirit of discovery, we want to leave our mark by bringing the best of Portugal to the world.


Promotion, events and experiences

The Lostflavour family participates in various actions around the world and tells its story, transmits its passion and spirit of discovery. We promote our dreamy, exploratory and sharing spirit, based on responsible consumption.

We are proud to lead the promotion and make the Portuguese spirits and their fascinating world known to the world.
We promote moments of sharing, inviting you to enjoy every drop of our unique spirits moderately and responsibly, creating memorable moments.
We are constantly working to share new experiences and future surprises …


Awarded brandy producer

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